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The online shop has finally been updated with some new items. Above are some new notebooks I have been working on. I haven’t been able to cut into my new Japanese washi yet but these are still covered in authentic handmade Japanese paper. They do include some of the cute stickers I bought in Japan including papercraft doves, lucky cats and bunny rabbits. There’s lots of metallic gold printing so they’re all cute and sparkly!

Available to buy now >>

You’ll also find new items in the Felt Flower Brooches and Fabric Purses collections – one of the gallery shops that stocks my wares is closed over the winter so I’ve got a few things back from them that I’ve added back into the shop.

That does mean the TOKYO discount is now over but things are always being added to the Bargain Corner to make room for my new stuff so there’s still good deals to be had. And remember to check the Special Offers page to see what other goodies are available.

I’m off to fire up the sewing machine now – hope you’re enjoying the Tokyo shopping guide!

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