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As you might have noticed (unless you’re reading this in an RSS feed), Asking For Trouble has had a bit of a makeover. The WordPress site was fine for a start but we’ve been growing a lot and needed a bit more room. All the stuff about me, the business, exhibitions, stockists etc. is now in the main site and over here on the blog you’ll still find all the latest news, shop updates, work in progress etc. as well as the Tokyo Shopping Guide.

A few things to note about the blog:

  1. The Tokyo Shopping Guide has it’s own index now, with links to each of the posts, all categorised by what they sell.
  2. In the right sidebar you’ll find the mailing list, blog categories, links to my favourite sites and some recent photos
  3. In the new left sidebar you’ll find links to all the sections in the site, some daily links to interesting stuff I spot around the web and a few ads. These ads are only for shops I use myself and they only advertise things that I would buy myself. The Etsy stuff will be back once I tweak it to fit properly.
  4. We have a new and better RSS feed which will bring in the daily links and some photos as well as the posts. If you want to swap then add to your RSS reader of choice. The old one will still work fine but you’ll only get the blog posts.
  5. There’s a gap in the main navigation up top. I’m working on a new project which will slot in there very soon!

More news soon. Things have been busy!

If you spot anything weird about the new site do let me know.

ps. Don’t forget, if you need a new website, you can hire me!

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