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As I go about my daily business, flitting around the interweb, I like to save images I come across that catch my eye. Sometimes they give me an idea for a future project, sometimes it is something I want to buy, sometimes it’s something that makes me laugh and sometimes it is just something beautiful. I save them all in a folder called Inspiration, knowing that when my brain or my creativity fails me, I can take a peek in there and recharge myself. I always wished I could make a big mosaic image of them all together like Flickr favourites. Today I had a google and discovered iPhoto can do this, so here is a look at my inspirations from the last year or so (though some have been kicking around on my computer since about 1996!).

If you want to give it a go, the instructions are here on MacWorld (scroll scroll scroll down for the iPhoto one). If you don’t have a Mac, I’m sorry, poor you. Only kidding. I’m sure there are lots of PC programs that do this too. If you know of a good one please comment.

Anyway, enjoy! If there’s any images you really want to know the source of, let me know and I will try and remember. There are lots by Deth P Sun, Michelle Romo and Andrew Clare who are big inspirations always, and less bunnies than you would expect!



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