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Badges, badges, badges


Once you get started making badges it is sooo hard to stop! I sat down one night to make a few more Etsuko badges but eventually emerged a couple of hours later with a whole pile of new badges made from paper scraps and the cutest Japanese stickers. The one above is definitely my favourite!

Here are some of the finished sets; the ‘Nice, lucky cute happy’ set is killing me with kawaii and is on Etsy now. The others are being added to the main shop. I’m particularly pleased with the middle ones made out of the same handmade metallic Indian paper as some of my notebooks.They’re so delightfully shimmery. I’ve left off the plastic covering on these as the paper is so thick and textured that the plastic would spoil them.

Also new in the shop are those vintage ribbon keyrings I mentioned earlier in the week. There are three new ribbon patterns and lots of butterflies, dragons and ladybirds for Springtime.

Lastly, I’m at Mono in Glasgow today for the Glasgow Craft Mafia mini market. Do come on by if you’re in the area. It looks like being a really nice day today and there’s always homemade lemonade on tap behind the bar. Aaaaaahh.


hello april!

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