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No, I haven’t gone mad – it was just one of my favourite days today; the day the Moo MiniCards run out. I love making new Moo cards but sadly it’s not something I can afford to do just for fun. So I am always rather delighted when my box is empty and I can design up some more. Above are some of the designs for this next batch – I wanted a mix of things for different people and I’m very interested to see how the white background press shots come out as cards.

I also splurged a little on one of the new plastic card holders as I’m still using the cardboard holder my first freebie cards came in and it’s a little bit the worse for wear. You can see a photo of it here. My first set was in October 2006, goodness me!

Anyway, do go and have a look at Moo if you haven’t already. You can make business cards, postcards and stickers with your own designs or just use some of the awesome designer images by some of my favourite indie artists. And, no, I don’t work for Moo but I do love them – NOT enough to bake them a cake though, lets make that clear.

In other news, the Book Hearts are proving surprisingly popular so I have added them to the shop. You can get a set of 2 for the bargain price of one British Pound. They’d make a great Father’s Day gift along with a nice book.

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