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Cakeify is here to say THANK YOU. I think he’s thanking you for continuing to read my blog. I was faffing yesterday and read a thread on the Etsy forums about appreciation pictures in feedback. As a buyer, I never leave a picture with my feedback because I often haven’t done anything with it yet. However, it never occurred to me that as a seller I could leave a fun picture to thank my customers. Hence the above. Technically, this is a pretty good waste of my time so I made them into thank you notecards as well to make a change from the Angel Bunny ones I normally use. So, if you order anything from my shop, you’ll probably find a happy Cakeify in there too :)

I have a bunch of stuff I want to blog before I disappear off to Thailand next week, but somehow I doubt much of it will happen since I have yet to a) pack, b) pick up my train tickets from the station or c) do ANYTHING on my to do list. You never know though. What I do promise before I go is another GIVEAWAY. Two in fact. One of them involves an exciting prize for little effort and the other is a blatant bribe to get you to join my mailing list. Who doesn’t love bribes?

In other news, I have another reason to be pleased to be going away on holiday, as I just jumped on the Spoonflower bandwagon and ordered some fabric featuring my own design! I went for a repeat pattern and it nearly killed my perfectionist self, making sure every last pixel lined up properly. I am very very very excited to see the finished product and doubt I could wait 3-4 weeks without gnawing my arms off in impatience. Hopefully the joys of Thailand will help me forget about it, for a while at least.

So, yes, watch this space!

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