Photo cards and prints to order

Okay, this was really not what I was supposed to be doing today but it’s been nagging me for so long that I had to do something about it, just to be able to sleep at night. I take a lot of photos wherever I go and I make them into cards. These sell really well in shops and at craft markets but I’ve never found a good way of selling them online. I’m always stumped as to the easiest way for someone to view all the photos I have available and order the ones they want without having hundreds of products in the shop.

Well, I think I may have found a solution. I hope so anyway! You can now browse all my photos that are available to buy in the Gallery. I’ve organised them into six categories and each photo has a unique code. Pick the ones you want, then head to the shop where you can choose to have them printed as photo cards or photo prints in a range of sizes. Once you’ve ordered, you email me the codes and I send them off if they’re in stock, or order them in (this usually only takes 48 hours).

So, if you’re looking for a selection of cards to suit a range of different folks, or something cool to hang on your wall, why not have a browse in the gallery – there’s no charge for looking!

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