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Rabbit Resort

Hi there. Thanks for all the nice comments on my button fabric. I was really hoping I might feel better enough to make something with it today, or even leave the house, but sadly no. I am just about getting a full night’s sleep now, and my cold is definitely on its way out so SOON. At the moment though my brain is just going WHAT? WHAT! WHAT?!?! as I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing, which is inconvenient as I have a lot to get done.

Anyway, here are some things I keep meaning to post:

1. For everyone who asked (all 2 of you!), here is a picture of the rabbit from the bottom of the pool at the Rabbit Resort. It was really well done and situated just at the point of the pool when the water reached my shoulders. I spent a LOT of time bouncing up and down around that rabbit. You can see many more photos of my Thailand fun over at my Flickr.

2. No-one asked for this, but you’ll be getting it anyway; a mini Bangkok Shopping Guide. I was overjoyed to find so many amazing kawaii and handmade shops so I made some purchases, took some notes and photographed away and I’ll start posting the results very soon.

3. The giveaway! Sorry for the delay – I was picking out some cute things from the stuff I got in Thailand to add to the package. I’m choosing sewbettie as the winner so let me know your address and I’ll get the package off to you!

4. I amaze even myself, but there is a new gift guide up in the shop for July. It’s called Wedding Bells and might give you some ideas if you’ve got any weddings on the horizon, whether you want a pretty card to send your congratulations or a sweet brooch to finish off your outfit. Have a look here >>

I bet I’ve forgotten something.

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