Some new things

Angel Bunny LOVE cards are now in the shop. They are different to my other cards in that they are a) square and b) pink! They look pretty cute I think and you get a free angel Bunny sticker with each one to decorate the envelope too. Who wouldn’t love to have Angel Bunny dropping through their letterbox?

I also started something new, Card of the Month. Every month there will be a new photo card available which also comes with a free sticker. I have so many photos that you might not want to look through them all so I’ll be picking out something each month that might suit your needs. This month it’s a shot of my hilarious and cute bento bottles having a gossip. It’s especially ideal if you have any shocking news to pass on :)

Get them both in the Cards and Stationery section.

A few exciting things are on the way but today is the DISKANT PARTY so I will mostly be running around going crazy today.

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