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How tempted am I to buy these?! I believe I did know that the Royal Mail sells customisable stamps but somehow it never quite sunk in that this meant CUSTOMISABLE STAMPS. It is a bit of a cheat since The Queen won’t let anyone share her stamps, so you can’t customise the actual stamps. Instead you create these little sidestamps with your own photos and graphics which look so super cute I’m even forgiving them the awful name of Smilers. Anyway, a mere 5 minutes of fiddling and I came up with the designs above, inspired by the Love and Hello stamp designs offered (the third choice is, ugh, a Union Jack). Sadly, they are twice the price of standard stamps so it’s not really an economical option, especially since I hardly ever use real stamps these days, thanks to internet postage. If you’ve got cash to spend though, get on over and make some (and send me a letter so I can see!).

The postman did bring me something exciting today though, a gocco printed elephant notebook by Argyle Whale! It was a surprise gift from my sister (aka jiji~punch) and I had no idea at all so I was most pleased. I have been forgetting far too many things lately so I definitely deserve this and hopefully the elephant will keep me right. Yay. Thanks Nicolette!

GCM indie market, Hillhead Library

And finally, the GCM craft market was good fun and I finally got my new stall setup working properly complete with my new Moo cards in their fancy holder which matches my kraft paper stall prices perfectly. Thanks to everyone who came along and bought things! There’s more photos on my Flickr if you want to see. I’m taking a wee break from craft fairs for a couple of weeks as I think I have at least one a week once November starts. Eek!

GCM indie market, Hillhead Library

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