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Where ARE my gloves?

The bunny makes a good point. I doodled this way back in the summer but yesterday was FREEZING and when I went out to do some photocopying, I could only wish I knew where my gloves were. I have a fairly good idea but I must go look later today. I’m a bit peeved that I may already have to switch to my winter coat – I never get enough enjoyment out of my Spring/Autumn coat.

I Love Buttons bags

Glove worries aside, I did get my photocopying done which was for gocco purposes, namely some new I Love Buttons bags. I decided on a nice purple this time but the stars were not aligned and I’m not entirely happy with the printing. Some are saleable and the rest…well, there might just be a giveaway here soon :)

Things may seem quiet here, but I am working on tons of stuff, most of which will be happening in November, which is less than a week away, woo! If you’re not signed up to the newsletter, you might want to do that and get all the news first. Just add your email address to the box on your right ->

So that is all for now!

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