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Felt Flower Brooches

I am still busy busy on lots of exciting things. I finished most of these brooches at the GCM market on Saturday which went pretty well. The day really flew past and I was not entirely keen to leave. Nor were the customers either, who kept coming back to buy things even as I was packing up. Thanks to everyone who came past and bought stuff or just said nice things!

These brooches are for an upcoming Christmas exhibition that I’m helping organise for the Glasgow Craft Mafia with Ricefield in Glasgow. I’ll tell you more about it nearer the time but it’s all Asian-inspired work. These are a special new edition of my felt flower brooches with Japanese fabric covered buttons! I’m particularly in love with the ones below but they all make me happy. I just need to add the brooch pins and then I’ll be done.

Felt Flower Brooches

What else have I been doing? Well, I have some very exciting new bags on the go which will hopefully be ready for sale in the next week or two. They’re sitting at the end of my bed just now looking awesome but they still need some pretty hand-stitched detailing to finish them off. I should also have some new gocco drawstring bags once my new ink arrives, and providing I don’t mess them up again…

Also, what everyone’s been waiting for – gift certificates are in the shop. Okay, no-one was waiting for this but I have added them anyway! If you have someone who’s tricky to buy for then let them pick their own gift. You even get a discount card thrown in so YOU get a present too.

And finally, there is now a Customer Feedback page in my shop. If you’ve ever bought something from me, feel free to add your comments, good or bad. It’s always lovely when people take the time to email me when their order arrives so I thought I’d keep them all in one place and help reassure anyone wary of sending their virtual cash to a complete stranger.

Check out the Super Cute Kawaii shop as well, if you get a chance. There are quite a few cute new things in stock.

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