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My good friend the Random Integer Generator has picked some misprint bag winners! Donna and Fuji Mama – I will be in touch! If you didn’t win, there’s still the Sweet Figments giveaway which runs for a few more weeks yet.

Have you guessed what the photo is? During my stationery box rummage, I sorted through all my photo prints and set aside a pile of photos that don’t sell well or didn’t look as good in print as I’d imagined or didn’t have the white borders I eventually decided on way back when. After forking out a hefty sum on my beautiful double-sized Moo cards, I’m finding it hard to throw them around in a suitably promotional way. So I made some stickers and stuck them to the back of these photos – instant cheap business cards and you get a whole real photo as well. Expect to see these tucked in with my orders and showing up at craft markets.

This morning my hard work was interrupted by the long-awaited arrival of the building electrician to take a look at our door buzzer which has never worked in the 3 years we’ve lived here, much to the irritation of my postman. During their extended poking around, I sorted through some random stuff downstairs and before they left I had come up with two exciting new products and ordered the supplies, woo! Apparently they’re in the post already so look out for that soon! The bad news is that the entire wiring of the building needs replaced before our buzzer can work and I can’t see that happening any time soon if it takes 3 years to even look at it. Oh well.

Tomorrow I will show you a bunny who hasn’t lost her gloves. Bet you can’t wait.

Also, America, please don’t mess this one up.

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