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Folksy Makes has finally launched and I got to be one of the first contributors! Makes is all about showing people how to make stuff with a bunch of user-generated tutorials for varying levels of difficulty. For my first Make, I’ve done a tutorial on how to make one of my washi book hearts.

I’ve been meaning to do a book heart tutorial for ages so this came up at just the right time. I’m quite proud of inventing the book heart and I enjoy making them but I can’t say I get a huge amount of artistic fulfillment from the process, which is basically sticking stuff together with glue. They are one of my best sellers though so I’m glad everyone likes them. But now you don’t need me, you can just make them yourself :)

Having said all that, I just made 54 of the things last night, as well as 32 button badges. I am determined to have lots of stock ready for the next lot of markets and the Christmas sales (which started for reals today!) so I don’t have to run about like crazy making tons of stuff the night before. We’ll see.

I’ll probably re-post the tutorial here, just for completeness, and in case Folksy gets run over by a bus, or whatever the techy equivalent is.

Oh, and yes the Prettify competition is now closed. I will pick a winner sometime this week and email everyone who entered.

Right, I need to make some new vintage button brooches now…

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