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Aaaaah. I am standing outside Loft in Shibuya! How I wish there was an arrow going down those steps and in the door! I was skimming the Google Blog on my RSS reader when I spotted a mention that Street View now covered parts of Tokyo. So off I went and walked from our old hotel (B on the map) to Loft, just to show that it’s not that hard to find. Okay, it is hard if you just look ahead but a few looks UP and you will spot the big yellow sign from streets away. I’ve added the link to my Loft entry in the Tokyo Shopping Guide and will look up some more when I get a chance. But if you’ve ever wanted to go to Tokyo, now you can!

Made in the Shade

Here is a photo of the joint Miso Funky/Asking For Trouble stall at Made in the Shade last weekend. It was hard work squeezing all our stuff on to one table but I’m glad I did as if I’d had my own stall, I would have just broken even. I don’t think Made in the Shade likes me – I never do as well there as at other markets. Oh well. At least I sold lots of stuff for Miso Funky and met some nice people. My final market of the year is this Sunday at Mono and I must say, I’ll be glad to pack the suitcase away and not have to lug it around every weekend.

Probably my major achievement of the year is above. I bought that amazing Jay Ryan screenprint TWO YEARS AGO and then spent the next two years fruitlessly searching for a frame it would fit in. I even considered getting it framed professionally but I’ve never had the spare cash. So instead I just put in a frame that’s too big! At least now I can look at it. Maybe I will find the perfect little prints to place underneath it but in the meantime I have just stuck in some of my favourite little things of the moment; my hilarious LOST notecard by Betty Turbo, a darling Christmas card from Argyle Whale and my Folksy Owl wooden postcard via Merulapie. This is all right opposite my bed so I’m getting constant enjoyment. Yay! Sorry for terrible photo btw – reflective things are no fun.

And finally, Rowan at Kitschen Sink wrote up a lovely post about my stuff. Go read!

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