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Look what I made! A bunny and panda desk calendar! Whenever people ask what the downsides of working at home are, I can never think of anything. Today I realised one of them – having no idea what day it is. I’m still convinced it’s Saturday today, despite my laptop having Friday displayed at the top of the screen. I usually rely on my desk calendar but I didn’t get one this year – sob! With the end of January almost upon us, clearly the only thing to do was make my own.

My old desk calendar was bought in Tokyo and is of the CD jewel case folded over variety, but a bit smaller. I just measured the pieces of card and drew up a grid in Illustrator, then tediously added in the correct numbers for each month. Then I printed it on to card, cut it out and hurrah! Here it is in real life (excuse the dark photo).

desk calendar

Sad life of a freelancer – the only thing worth noting this month is doing my tax return. This is the top of my shelving unit right beside where I work. You can see here some of my tins, a plastic cookies cup that I keep pens in, my cute notebook from Rebecca that I am trying to make myself use, and a corner of one of my lovely tiles by Campbell Firth.

March is my favourite month as both me and Panda have our birthdays then. The only thing to do was add a tiny bunny and panda on the right days!


If anyone else is short of a desk calendar, I could probably enlarge this a little bit for CD size and give you a PDF. Email me!

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