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So, I woke up on Saturday morning having finally figured out how to code something I have always wanted in my shop – pictorial tags. I have wanted this for years, partly inspired by Dr Alan’s amazing icon system for his Bearos Records stall. I can’t believe there aren’t any photos of it online but anyone who has ever seen it is instantly in awe, as each of his bazillion releases has icons to help you pick your experimental electronica from your folky singer-songwriter. My version is obviously a bit more cutesy than this but does the same job. If you want to see more vintage inspired stuff, click on the key; if you want to see more bunnies, click on the bunny. I had great fun choosing the types and matching icons (mostly by N+). Boy Friendly makes me laugh a lot.

Once you get into a collection, the icons work in the same way but will allow you to narrow your search further, so clicking on the bunny icon in the cards collection will let you see just bunny cards, not bunny bags or bunny badges. If a collection doesn’t have any bunnies (the idea!), then the bunny icon will not be shown.

Once you get to an individual product page, you get a similar box that tells you about the product, showing you all the relevant icons, so you can go looking for similar items if this one isn’t what you want. Sadly, I am having enormous trouble with my product weights and can only show free postage. I have a hilarious icon for heavy items but that will have to wait.

The best thing about this is it’s all run by Shopify‘s tag system. At my previous job, I once gave an empassioned evangelical speech to my team-mates about the greatness of tags in general and this does show just how powerful they are. I can now remove all my gift guides, as tagging now does the same job. Technically, I could also get rid of all my sections if I wanted.

This is not that complicated to set up and I intend to add a tutorial on how to do it. I’ve always intended to run a Shopify tips and tutorials series to work alongside Prettify and hopefully I will find the time soon. In the meantime, if you’d like a copy of the code I used, just email me.

You’ll also spot a few other additions to the site features. I now have an Out of Stock section for items that I either plan to restock, can make if requested, or that have been linked widely on the internet. Instead of just a Sold Out message, you now have a button to email me about the product to find out how to get one. There are also sharing buttons on every product page so you can email to a friend or add to various social networking sites. I used the excellent tutorial here to add the latter.

Go on over to the shop and have a look – I hope you like the changes!

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