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Cakeify & Friends postcard set

I am a big fan of postcards and have a big stack of ridiculous ones sent to me by various friends in the years before we had the internets. Nowadays I just get postcards from people on holiday which is all very nice but I miss getting random postcards.

Super Cute Kawaii postcard set

Thinking about all that has led me to create some postcard sets so we can all send some fun stuff in the mail, and give the postman something to read too. There are three sets available featuring Cakeify and Friends, the Super Cute Kawaii bunny and panda and, of course, Angel Bunny. They’re suitable for just about any occasion and have your standard postcard print on the back for addressing and stamping. They’re in the shop now, and will be added to my other shops by the end of the week.

Angel Bunny postcard set

I got them printed by Moo by the way and they are excellent quality. They ended up being the cheapest option since I wanted 12 different designs. Everywhere else makes you do a few hundred of a design as minimum. Boring!

Anyway, in honour of the fun of postcards, I am having a POSTCARD SWAP. Send your postal address to me at hello at and I promise that one day I will send you a postcard of some description. I’ll be sending them randomly, whenever I have some postcards, so it will likely turn up when you least expect it! I’ll send them anywhere in the world. All I ask in return is that either you send me a postcard (ask for my address when you email), or you make an offer on your own blog to send out some postcards. If you do the latter, then obviously you can limit the numbers/destinations as you like. POSTCARDS!

grumpy cakeify

Also, we now learn why grumpy Cakeify is grumpy. Cupcake in the rain!

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