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Is that Spring in the air? I really hope so. Either way, it is definitely daffodil time which makes both me and my bunny vase very happy. Also in a Spring mood are UK Handmade who put together a lovely post of fresh handmade things, including my Button Flower bags! Download their magazine while you’re there – it’s a good read!

Thanks for all the nice words about the Cakeify brooches! I have just ordered more felt so I can have another go. I feel all envigorated about printing now that it’s nice and bright outside – I have plans for some lino cutting and monoprinting as well as the gocco. It really has been too long.

Things are actually a bit quiet here for a change but I don’t like that (and neither does my bank balance) so if you need any web designing doing now is a good time to get in touch! Check out my portfolio and email me with any questions you have. Advice is free! Also, mention this blog and I will give you a big discount on any work!

I’ve also been going through my fabric stash and trimming it down. Quite literally in some cases! I’ve put a bunch of fabric up for sale on Super Cute Kawaii so go have a look if you’re interested. Some of it was only available in Japan so if you’re in the UK this is about the cheapest way you’re likely to get it :)

fabric destash!

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