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Apologies for lack of blogging lately but I had a moment of realisation last week that craft fair season is about to begin and I am nowhere near ready. It’s far too easy to just finish one of something to photograph and then leave the rest half finished and unpackaged until someone actually orders it. But I have been working throught a very long list of things to make and finish and package before the end of the month.


I do always enjoy designing packaging though – this is my new plan of action, just simple printed paper labels that slip into the plastic bags. Means any browsers get all the info they need and I don’t get panicky if children with sticky fingers pick them up. My new rubber stamp (free from VistaPrint!) is a lifesaver as well, for stamping the back of notebooks and cards.

Making badges

Anyway, I am nearly done with my list so I will be posting tomorrow with some of the new products, or you can just pop over to the shop* and see what’s new. At least now you know if you order something, I’m not going OH, right, better make some more of those.

Felt Flowers

Felt flower pieces for new brooches.

*Although, do note that Shopify had a major outage today so my shop might be a bit slow.

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