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Dear me, it has been a while. I do apologise, but I’ve been working way too hard since I got back from holidays plus I have lots of craft fairs coming up so blogging has taken a back seat. I have been adding new things to the shop though!

First up are these Hello! cards. I made them about 4 months ago when I was stamping my new rubber stamps on everything in sight. I painted them with watercolours and then got a bit stumped by all the white space that was left and put them aside. And then the other day, I realised what I needed was a rubber stamp that said HELLO. Turns out that is exactly what I needed and I love them now. You can get a selection of characters at the moment; I’m still deciding which ones to keep in stock for the long run so let me know which ones are your favourites!

I’ve also added the new notecard sets, plus a couple of kawaii fabric notebooks that have come back to me. Check out all the new stuff and see for yourself!

Right now, my desk looks like this:


I’ve got two craft fairs this weekend (see Events) so I need to get a move on and finish some more Cakeify mugs. So far I have two ready for heat setting and I just drew Jammie Dodger on four more. Hopefully they’ll all be ready for the oven by Friday. Keep your fingers crossed!

PS. Giveaway runners-up – I’ve had your postcards all ready to send for days now but keep forgetting to buy stamps! They’ll be with you soon though :)

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