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Living the dream


I’ve been full-time self-employed for 18 months now and yet I am living proof that you don’t automatically turn into a perfect photogenic inspiration. I mean, the above is how I work all the time. I don’t have a proper desk or a shipping area, I don’t have a craft room or a basement (though I do have some storage shelves under the stairs), I don’t even have a drying rack for my prints. But I’m perfectly happy with this – it’s still fun!


As double craft fair weekend approaches, I am working on about twelve things at the same time. Why I then decided to make new thank you cards for my online orders, I have no idea but they do look pretty!

As you can also see, I’ve now finished drawing on five mugs so they should be available at the markets if you fancy picking one up and saving the postage. I have to say, I’m really looking forward to photographing them in some kind of pyramid setup. Like I say, living the dream.

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