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Thanks everyone who’s offered help on the book heart front so far (see previous post). Still looking though, so get in touch if you can help.

Today I have been getting lots of orders via, a lovely interiors website. They’re currently running an offer in the Design Boutique where you can get £20 off your order! There really is some lovely stuff in there, as well as some of my stationery, and lots of things are under £20 so you can really get yourself a good deal! Just check out the Sunshine offer on the homepage.

Book hearts are up there individually so it was a good thing I’d been idly considering book heart packaging recently. I think they look really cute in their little bags so I’ve added this option to my own shop too – you can now choose from either one packaged book heart or the usual set of two unpackaged.

Other than that, I’ve mostly been working on a custom order for wedding favours! I’ve got the okay from the bride to post some of the working process on here so I will put together a post on that very soon.

And also, I will be back at the Glasgow Craft Mafia monthly market in Mono this Sunday – I’ve been away or tied up for the last two markets and I’ve really rather missed it. Hope you can make it down! (I did the poster too).

Handmade Haven flyer

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