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I’ve dragged my heels on this so now it looks like I’m jumping on the bandwagon but yes, you can now ask me anything on Formspring. I often get asked the same questions by email so I’ll post some of those answers up myself too.

But if you have any burning questions, please do submit them using the form and I’ll do my best. You can ask me about crafts, web design, illustration, self-employment, diskant, my record label, zines, Japan, printmaking, gocco and literally anything else* you can think of.

You can also add this link to your RSS reader, if you’d like to follow my answers as, knowing me, I’ll probably wait and do them in batches. There’s some interesting folks on there already like Gemma Correll, design*sponge and Twinkie Chan.

* I reserve the right not to answer any questions I think are mean, or too personal :)

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