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Fabric Winners!

Vintage Buttons fabrics

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the winners of my fabric giveaway. It was really hard picking winners so I’ve ended up with 3 runners-up.

The winner of the fabric is CLARE who asked:
If your designs suddenly came alive and started to wage war against you, how would you defeat them? That’d be an army of cupcakes, suns, bread and others versus and army of one… (Read my answer)

This was a clear winner at the end of things because it was just so bizarre and also funny and I had to really think about my response. I really hope this doesn’t happen in real life – maybe now they know the repercussions, they won’t try anything.

Anyway, congratulations Clare – I’ll be emailing you about your choice of fabric.

The runners-up (who win some cute stationery from my shop) are:

Leslie – who asked Where do you find colors for your fabrics? (my answer). Probably my favourite of the process questions.

Louise – who asked if you used a gashapon machine and a baby panda fell out, would you try and find a new home for it, or would you pocket it? :) (my answer). I can’t stop thinking about this – it’s such a cute idea!

Sarah – who asked How will you cope when Lost has finally finished? (my answer) because it was the first question to make me laugh.

Well done everyone – check your inbox later today so I can get your addresses.

Thanks to everyone who entered – I really enjoyed answering all your questions and I could easily have picked ten winners. I promise we’ll do this again (both the fabric giveaway and the questions). In the meantime, you can ask me a question any time at Formspring. Sadly Formspring is broked and you can only read the first page of answers. If you add this link to Google Reader you can make it show old items.

And all my fabrics are available to buy at Spoonflower :)

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