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Moo Cards from DaWanda

It’s a while since I ordered some business cards from Moo but when DaWanda offered up a set for free I wasn’t going to turn that down! Because they’re free, they come with Moo and DaWanda branding so the only thing I could really design was a thank you card for DaWanda shoppers. They’re already familiar with DaWanda and hopefully it will remind them to come back sometime.

I’ve also been thinking about getting some new Moo cards done for illustration networking purposes – the ones I have now are fine for Asking For Trouble or for freelance networking but I’d like some that showcase my illustrations and patterns so I can use them as a little portfolio and leave one as a reminder. Having seen how nicely the patterns came out on these, I am definitely going ahead with this, especially as I hope to visit a trade fair or two this year.

Moo Cards from DaWanda

Anyway, if you want one of these, you’ll have to buy something from my DaWanda shop! Lucky for you, there’s a 12% Easter Sale on right now until Sunday – it’s applied to a different category every day but just look for the 12% off mark on my products.

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