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Paying It Forward, at last

If you’re one of my Pay It Forward winners and haven’t received your parcel yet then read on at your peril – surprises may be spoiled!

If you remember back in the depths of time, I won Katy‘s Pay It Forward and thus had to make some fun packages for 5 lucky people. Due to various boring things, I only got them sent out a week or so ago but I hope they were worth the wait!

All my winners got a similar package which included some cute stationery, my new gift wrap, a little button bag, badges, book hearts and easter chocolate! A couple of winners were people I know fairly well so I tailored their packages a little more.

Jen (one of my fab workmates) is a big fan of Super Cute Kawaii so I gave her the notepad above, which I designed but never put into production. It may return in a slightly different form soon though. And Tizzalicious, I don’t know in real life but I know enough from her blog to know she likes writing letters and pink so I actually designed the Geisha notepad with her in mind, though it’s available from my shop now too!


I also made these cute little bunnies for everyone! My sister Nicolette gave me a box of them for my birthday and I’ve been wondering what to do with them because they’re so darn cute. Eventually, I realised they were exactly the same size as my brooch pins and bingo. Everyone got a different coloured bunny and I have a white one for myself. I made  a few extra too so one might be just winging its way to Nicolette, and I think a bit of Paying it Backward is required too :)

I look forward to seeing what my PIF-ers make for their winners!

White Bunny

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