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Back from London

British Museum

Apologies for the blog silence! My trip to London was extremely tiring but packed full of good stuff. And then as soon as I got back I was off again to Dundee last night to see Handmade Nation. I think we all came back inspired and full of enthusiasm but I haven’t quite had enough sleep  to recover.

I’ll probably do a little post about Pulse here, but I’ll be writing about all my favourites over at Super Cute Kawaii over the next few weeks so go subscribe if you don’t already.

Other than Pulse, I managed to fit in a fair bit of kawaii shopping, two lots of ice cream (one with tiny profiteroles in it!), a short meander round the new exhibitions at the British Museum (their South African garden is pictured above) and a lot of lying in parks enjoying the sun. Even better, my train journeys were entirely uneventful, which makes a change from being flooded, snowed in and delayed for hours.

I’ve got a big backlog of stuff to post about now but don’t forget; Busy Bee Organiser Pads are now here, and the Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer on zines is still going. Back soon!

Kensington Gardens

(more London photos at my Flickr)

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