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Have you been in my shop lately? Last week I finally added a new bit of code I’ve been fiddling with for a while – a fancy new product info box on the product pages. With a few clicks, you can view the product details and related products, the shipping and returns info and customer reviews, all in the same page!

I went to a very interesting seminar at Pulse about ecommerce. I admit I didn’t expect to learn much, having been building the things for many years, and the seminar was a thinly veiled ad for their ecommerce service, but I did pick up some good points, most of which I’ve now added to my own shop. Here’s some of the points I took note of and worked on:

  1. Most people don’t read product descriptions so make it easy for them to see the bits they need to know – eg. a one line summary of the product, it’s size or materials.
  2. Dimensions! Make these clear and available in metric and imperial. If possible, add a product shot with the dimensions marked.
  3. Provide detailed information on everything they need to know but move them into tabs or clearly linked pages so they don’t clutter up the page.

It’s been a lot of work (clearly, since Pulse was at the beginning of June!) but I think I’m pretty happy now. All my descriptions have been rewritten into clearly marked sections of subtitle, description, dimensions, care instructions, offers etc. The second tab provides a summary of my shipping and returns pages, plus it’s now specific to the type of product (eg. my Spoonflower fabrics have a different return policy).

My final brainwave was to use all the customer feedback I’ve received over the last few years. I don’t expect many people read my Customer Feedback page before ordering. It’s more likely they do on Etsy, Folksy etc. but even then, they might read pages before seeing a comment about the actual product they want to buy. So I gathered all my feedback from various sites I sell on, organised them by product and now each product has its own tab with reviews about that product! I’m pretty pleased about this.

However, the one thing I discovered while doing this is that a lot of people just leave a blank positive (which is totally fine, I still really appreciate it!) and that many of my most popular products have no reviews at all. Usually around 50% of customers don’t leave feedback because they don’t know how, or don’t have time.

So, check out my site tomorrow when I’m having a Feedback Amnesty! There will be prizes…

PS. As always, this was a breeze to code because of how awesome Shopify is. It never ceases to amaze me how I can have an idea, do a little bit of research and have it all work as expected. I love Shopify.

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