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Creating Love at DaWanda

Creating Love

DaWanda recently invited me to take part in their new community film, Creating Love, summing up the spirit of handmade. The film has been done in plain old line art and each frame is available for DaWanda users to recreate in their own styles. Eventually, they’ll all be collected together into one amazing collaborative film!

I was glad to be asked as that meant they chose a frame for me – I would never have managed to decide on a frame myself. Even better, I got a pencil, and I do love pencils. While the aim is handmade, and the hope is that people will actually handmake their frames using their sewing, printing, knitting etc. skills, I’m foremost a digital illustrator these days and also a handmade frame was just never going to happen for me with the timescale. I’m quite pleased with my frame anyway – it sums up my designs quite well. I was tempted to give the pencil a happy face but I restrained myself.

Anyway, you can watch the video here or see more of the frames over on the DaWanda blog, or why not claim a frame yourself? Just check the site daily as they’re releasing more frames every day.

PS. Sorry for the quietness of late. I’ve been super-super-busy, and also researching for Japan (6 weeks to go!). I will be back blogging soon about some Japan stuff,  new products (once they arrive) and some zines too. In the meantime, I have been updating my Tokyo Shopping Guide page with new resources.

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