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Let's Make Zines!

One of my pet hates is people who complain endlessly about having to pay for services that do exactly what you want and free up your time. So it annoys me that I almost became one of these people myself!

Fetch has been around for almost as long as I’ve been selling online – it handles digital downloads so as soon as a customer orders something, it sends out an email with the relevant download links. Up til now, I’ve been sending out emails manually with the links but I always feel bad when I go on holiday so I figured I should give Fetch a chance while I was in Japan.

And it’s brilliant. So brilliant that I immediately realised it is well worth $5 a month to never have to think about my PDF products any more, to know that customers in other time zones are getting their PDFs straightaway instead of waiting for me to wake up, and that I can go to Japan and know it’s all working fine without me. I should have signed up years ago instead of thinking I could do it just as well myself.

If you’ve read this far then you get a reward. I’ve now added my Let’s Make Zines! mini zine as a PDF download until I get around to finishing a full length version. It’s FREE for a limited time so go download it and make some zines! I’d appreciate if you tick the box to join my mailing list in return but no worries if you don’t want to.

And do learn from me and really think about whether paying someone awesome to do a tedious job brilliantly is worth a perfectly affordable sum. As a web designer it makes me more sad than you can imagine when I see people struggle with ZenCart or Mr Site, spending hours of your precious time building an okay website when you could pay for Shopify or a nice affordable web designer (ahem) to build you something awesome. Don’t you and your customers deserve better?

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