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Acrylic Phone Charms

Yay! Look what’s new in the shop – Cakeify and Bread Slice phone charms!

I’ve actually had these cuties in my possession since I got back from Japan but I haven’t had a chance to put them together until now. They’re really nice and glossy and come with a matching phone strap – red for Cakeify and brown for Bread Slice. Even better, the straps are removable so you can use them for keyrings or pendants as well – bargain!

And, wait, who’s that?

Monsieur Le Bun Phone Charm

Haw hee haw! Yes, Monsieur Le Bun phone charms are also available – these ones are exclusive to Super Cute Kawaii so pop over there if you want one.

(Of course, you can’t actually use a phone strap with the iPhone, sob sob.)

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