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Since there are a mere 44 days left in the year, it’s about time we saw some new zines from our Zine Challengers. How are you all getting on? There have definitely been a few zines completed – you can check out the Zine Challenge Flickr group to see what’s new. If you’ve completed a zine do post about it over there or in the comments. The cute mini zine above is by Oh My Clumsy Heart.

As for me, I must admit I am struggling. I have too many zines on the go and need to just pick one and get on with it. I’m going to make a big effort on finishing Oddments #2 in the next couple of weeks so I hope I’ll still meet the challenge. If not, I’ll definitely have it and 2 new Japan zines out next year.

Have you bought any good zines lately?

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