Me Me Me

All Done!


Hurray! The last orders of the year have been packed and shipped. My shops are all in holiday mode. My personal Christmas cards have been finished and posted and my Christmas presents are all in the hands of Royal Mail.

Which means…I have nothing to do for two entire weeks! Which, of course, isn’t to say that I will be doing nothing, but I’ll be doing a whole lot more nothing than I usually get to. I’m excited to start on some of my big 2011 projects (more of which soon), try and reorganise my home from the December madness and eat cake.

I will also be posting here now and again, I’m sure. I’ve even ordered something exciting for a fun giveaway in the new year.

You can also have a peek at my sister Nicolette’s Flickr where she is finally posting her Japan photos, complete with many photos of me being stupid and hugging fish and the like.

Marcy & Clownfish

And if it’s not entirely clear from this post, my shops are mostly open but I’m not shipping orders again until January 6th 2011.

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