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Please send water

SOS! You may wonder where I have been lately. Sadly my house has had no running water  since Sunday (due to a burst main) so I have been camped out at at Miso Funky HQ (thanks Claire!) until they fix it. While it’s something of a novelty to go stay at the other end of Glasgow and eat cake with good friends, it’s also no fun at all.

However, such is my sense of duty to my wonderful customers that orders are still being shipped as normal. I even got up at 6am on Monday to get the last lot out as quickly as possible so I could go somewhere else and…wash.

Please do note though, that because of the recent and expected heavy snow in the UK deliveries have been delayed and orders can no longer be guaranteed for delivery before Christmas. Please check my updated Last Order Dates page for all the latest info.

Hopefully things will be fixed soon – please keep your fingers crossed for me!

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