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Neptune & Pluto

I don’t often post images of my works in progress for many reasons but this one is such a labour of love I need to share a bit as it may take a while to complete. I’m working on an illustrated zine about the Solar System and above are Neptune and Pluto. Pluto was always my least favourite planet but ever since he got demoted to a dwarf planet I’ve felt kind of sorry for him.

Since that time, Neptune has set himself up as a self-titled protector of the inner Solar System and can be seen here threatening Pluto with his trident (sure Neptune has a trident – that’s how he got his name). Lucky for Pluto, Neptune still hasn’t noticed that Pluto sometimes crosses into Neptune’s orbit, or else there would be real trouble.

And yes, there will be many more fun facts (and “facts”) like these in my zine. Bet you can’t wait.

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