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Going, going, gone!

It’s time for a bit of a product reshuffle so this is your last chance on a few products. These are all about to run out and won’t be coming back.

Bunny Brooches

Some of the highlights:
– Bunny Brooch (last one! why has no-one bought this – it’s adorable!)
– Bee & Tulip Mugs (only 1 left!)
– Button Flowers Bags (hand-printed, only 5 left)
– Vintage Buttons Clasp Purse (handmade, and only 1 left!)

There’s lots more, and plenty on sale too, in the Discontinued collection.

These will be replaced with some exciting new products over the coming months. I’ve already got awesome redesigns of the Cutie Fruity Friends and Forest Friends badge sets on order as we speak. But if you want the old style then grab them now.

New window!

And here’s a nice picture of my new window! No-one told me it would have a proper deep windowsill – so exciting. It’s also exactly the right depth for a vase of pretty Gladioli, a gift from my recently-married friends. The tatty voile curtain is just until my new patterned window film arrives. Excitement all round!

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