Tokyo Shopping Updates

Kiddyland Cat Street

You may not have noticed, but I’ve been beavering away in the background updating all my Tokyo Shopping Guide posts. All the shop pages are now updated with new information from last year’s Japan trip, and new photos.

I’m also getting stuff together for a whole pile of new posts on shops I haven’t featured yet, so look out for those appearing regularly over the next few months.

The aim of this, of course, is an all new updated Tokyo Shopping Guide zine, which should be available sometime this Summer. Don’t let that put you off buying a copy now though, if you’re planning a trip, as any purchasers of the zine or PDF from this date onwards will be sent a free copy of the new PDF.

PS. Regular readers may note that the What else to do in [area] sections have disappeared from the shop posts. I’m working on area guide pages to replace these, as it was getting confusing.

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