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Well, things have been getting very busy on the zine front. As you may note from my cool new badges, my zine distro is called pushpin. It’s got nice associations with maps and journeys and creative fun, plus if you say ‘pushpin publishing’ five times in a row you’ll instantly get my feeling of glee when I know I’ve found the perfect name.

I’m hoping to open shop on Monday but watch this space for more news. I still have a lot of work to do, but I’ve been getting parcels of ace zines in the post all week, plus I’m plotting some fantastic collaborations that I can’t wait to reveal.

By fantastic coincidence, I will also be selling at my very first zine fair next week, so you can come along and browse the zines in real life! I can’t believe it took almost 20 years of zinemaking before I got to attend a zine fair.

In other exciting news, I decided I should make a new zine for the zine fair, in just one week! But then I realised there was yet another bank holiday on Monday and the printers would be closed so instead I made a new zine in 24 hours! Admittedly, it is based on something I originally posted on my blog, which may give you a hint to its content. All will be reveealed very soon. Meanwhile, back to writing zine descriptions and editing images.

If you’re free next Thursday, then do come by the Free Hetherington Zine Fair. It’s at Glasgow Uni and it runs from 3pm-7pm so you can swing by after work.

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