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Some nice things I bought


If you were to dissect my spending patterns, I guess the main part would be secondhand books, zines, dresses and citrus flavoured things. We’re talking personal spending here – my overall spending would be swayed towards cellophane bags in 500 sizes, envelopes and promotional postcards. Anyway, the point of this rambling is, I bought some nice things recently and thought I would show you.


I’m supposed to be on a fabric shopping ban, but I have been coveting these for months so when I found them at affordable prices in a UK shop (Fabric Rehab – yes, the irony is not lost on me), I had to get some small pieces. The boats is from the V&A collection and the others are by Heather Moore for Cloud9 and are apparently selling out fast.

Isle of Wight Red Guide

At the top of this post is just some of my recent book buying (and mooching), mostly from Up North. My mum’s shop is right next door to an antiquarian bookshop, which had far too many amazing old travel books. I’m thinking of going to the Isle of  Wight next year, so what could be better than a completely out of date guide book? It does have beautiful fold out maps though and some lovely illustrations. I also have to say One Thousand Curiosities of Britain is definitely going to provide me with some fascinating facts to bore people with.

Isle of Wight Red Guide

The other books are mostly from the bookshop at Logie Steading near Forres. If you are ever up that way, I definitely recommend it. The cafe is great, the art shop has some nice stuff and there looks to be some pretty gardens and a river walk, but it’s always either been raining, snowing or closed when we’ve visited. My collection of out of date astronomy books is growing slowly – what they lack in up to date discoveries they sure make up in illustrations. Plus you know, the stars aren’t exactly going anywhere.

Also from Logie Steading are these pretty cards by Gail Kelly. They are actually lino cuts printed on to linen, which gives them such an interesting look. I would very much like her Japanese garden print too, but she doesn’t have an online shop. Boooo.

I think that’s all (other than some bizarro lemon/lime chocolate I got from Brodie). I do have several billion zines to write about  sometime too.

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