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Spoonflower Free Shipping Day

Balloon fabric

Tomorrow (Monday) is Free Shipping Day at Spoonflower. If you’re outside the US, this is a great opportunity to buy some awesome fabric and save on shipping costs. I would humbly suggest my own fabrics but there is so much other good stuff on there too.

As always with these kind of events, I’ve been spurred on to finish up the rest of my fabric design ideas so I can buy a swatch pack and get them all up for sale.With the kokeshi and spooky wooky designs from a few months ago, I’ve got 11 new fabrics to test!

My favourite is definitely the balloons, but I love the colours in my pushpin girl designs and the Le Buns pattern took hours to get right – it’s a bit complicated. And finally, the Blythe dress from the other day had me making some teeny weeny prints – I started with Panda & Bunny but I might do some more before Monday. Tiny things are cute!

Old size on the left – teeny weeny on the right (it’s even smaller but you couldn’t see it at web res).

Do let me know if you buy my fabric, especially if you make something with it!

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