Super Summer Sale!

While putting my stuff away after Upmarket (about which, the less said the better), I got a bit annoyed with quite how many boxes of Stuff I have cluttering up the place. So, it’s time to get rid of some products in a super summer sale!

I’ve picked 20 products I would like to see the back of and they have huge discounts, so take the opportunity to pick up a real bargain! None of these will be coming back, ever, so this is really your last chance – anything not sold by the end of July is getting booted off the shop either way.

Joking aside, it will be sad to see some of these products go but some are too time-consuming to make, some have never been as popular as I would like and others could do with being replaced with a fun new design instead. So, please make a purchase and give me some cash and space to order new things! I’m even giving away a free random greeting card with every order, while stocks last! What are you waiting for? Go shop!

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