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This week has been sticker week – I couldn’t help being tempted by Moo’s new round stickers and got some made. They’re really awesome and you can buy them in random sheets of four in my shop now.

custom address labels

Secondly, I have added custom return address labels in 12 cute designs. If you’ve ever had a letter or parcel from me, then you’ll have seen these in action, and now you can have your own. They are really handy to have around. I’ve made labels for quite a few friends and family now so it seemed only fair to let everyone in on the fun.

small admin pleasures

And finally, I had to order a bunch of stationery recently and finally got two things I have wanted for a long time – Do Not Bend stickers (becoming an issue with pushpin orders) and a PAID stamp featuring Cakeify. I am always coming across National Insurance bills and wondering if I paid them yet or not. No more!

I also got a very cute bunny ornament, but I’ll need to photograph him later – he’s too cute for an iPhone pic. Anyway, I have to go pick up the new Tokyo Shopping Guide zines, hot off the press!

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