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Summer Holidays

While it might seem a bit quiet around here, there’s lots going on behind the scenes, but nothing interesting enough to show you. On Monday, I spent a lot of time printing out tax returns – excitement. My printer lives on the floor so I have to go sit there with my laptop when I have printing to do, and I liked this little view. I’m probably not the only person using an old Mac Classic as a beside table (although it does still work, so I should really do something more interesting with it), but I’m probably the only person using a tofu cushion as a bag stand. And yes, I am reading 9 books at once.

I’m off to the Isle of Bute for a couple of days this week with Claire. The weather forecast is for constant rain, which is a bit rubbish, but it won’t stop us having a Top Hat ice cream and making lots of secret plans. Back soon!

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