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Don’t Forget Day in the Life

Bunny ornament

Just a reminder that Day in the Life day is this Monday, Halloween! If you fancy joining in, just document your day in some way and let me know the link when you’re done. I’ll collate them all into a new post next week so we can see what everyone got up to. If you need some inspiration, here’s the last one, picked by Alice.

In other news, I finally got a new iPhone, which is awesome. This now means that the camera in my phone is by far the fanciest camera I own – a complete turnaround from the terrible phone cameras of my past. It’s great to finally have a decent photo of my bunny ornament to show you – it’s hollow so you can fill it with cotton wool and make him have a tail! Mine has polyfill stuffing in it though as I never use cotton wool.

I’ve been posting my photos on Instagram so here are a few recent ones.

1. making new zinemaking zines (now in the shop!) 2. jet trails in the sky this morning
3. I spy a trend in my recent wardrobe purchases 4. little bear bowl I got in the Japancentre

My username is marcelinesmith if anyone wants to be friends.

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