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Global Domination

Global domination map

It’s always exciting when I spot a new country in my order emails – this week I sent my first package to Algeria! I started making a Google map of all my order destinations and it’s pretty cool seeing them all together. That’s just September’s orders up there but I plan to go back and add them all in eventually – doing all my postage online means it’s pretty quick to do.

I got the idea from Nikki McWilliams, who also made this ace pinboard. I wonder if there’s a non-damaging way you could mark them on a globe – that would be awesome and really let you feel like dictator of the world.

Anyway, I’ll make the map public when I’ve added more so you can have a look. And don’t worry if you’ve bought from me in the past – I’m only marking each town/city, not your actual houses!

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