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State of Craft

State of Craft is a new book of crafty projects edited by Victoria Woodcock and I was very happy to receive a copy to review. I hardly ever buy crafting books because I like to do things my own way, rather than follow instructions, but this is a good read and worth a purchase.

It’s split into how-to’s, projects and maker interviews. The how-to section has beginner guides to knitting, French knitting, pom-poms, sewing, cross stitch and crochet, with lots of clear instructions and diagrams, and some lovely illustrations too.

The projects make up the bulk of the book, broken up with interesting interviews with some of the featured makers. The projects are all fairly easy and include everything from brooches and scarves to decoupage and shoemaking, all with lovely photos and clear diagrams. While some of the projects are a bit too kooky for my tastes, there are definitely a few things I would make here, including with perfect timing, a needlepoint project by Felicity Hall. I may well give this a go before I tackle my own ideas. There are plenty well-known crafters featured, including Tatty Devine, Custom Made and Wooden Tree, and it’s especially lovely to see Hello Sandwich in here too, with some gift wrapping ideas.

Overall, it’s a really well designed book with some fun projects and great for anyone looking to dabble in some new crafts. You can have a look at the book contents at Cicada Books, and it’s available to buy right now from Amazon and your favourite crafty bookshops.

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