Global Domination pt 2

I had my first order from Russia this week, which inspired me to make a visited countries map for my parcels. As you can see, I am slowly taking over the world!

Having a single order to both Russia and China really helps fill things in but I’m even more proud of my multiple orders to places like Luxembourg and Greece. If I could be bothered pulling all the data out of 5 years of orders, I would love a colour coded one by number of sales. However, I can safely say my top three countries for orders are the UK, Germany and the US. Thanks to all of you who have placed an order, especially those of you in far flung countries and with interesting addresses – it really makes order packing days more fun!

You can also have a browse of my Google map, which has all the towns and cities from the last year – they only let you view a page of placemarks at a time though, so I can’t see everything at once. Boo.

Needless to say, my actual visited countries map would be less impressive – just the UK, Holland, France, Japan and Thailand.

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