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Look Around

The postman finally brought me some parcels so I have some new products available with the new Look Around characters. I had a lot of fun making this collection – I basically printed off a few sheets of circles and then tried to draw as many things as possible using the circle as a guide. Some were really easy and others were a total disaster but it was a great exercise – I recommend it!

Look Around badge set

First up is a badge set featuring some of my food-related characters – a pancake, apple, donut and fried egg!

Hello Baby cards

The next one you can thank/blame my mum for as she has been asking for new baby cards for a long time. I was only going to do one but it ended up too boy-ish since, well, the sky is blue, so I had to do a girl one as well.

It is actually worth telling me new products you would like. I can’t make everything right away but I do take note of them and if a few people ask and the opportunity arises it may well happen. I probably wouldn’t have spent so much time researching gift wrap if people hadn’t kept asking.

Anyway, hope you like the new stuff! There will be more things to come, and more characters too.

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