Holiday Recap #4: Random Bits


Last few things! On my last full day with my mum we went to the Winding Walks, an area of forest at Fochabers with lots of marked walks and bike routes. You can choose from various levels of difficulty/length and then you just follow the colour coded posts. We did a fairly easy route that looped up to a viewpoint and then back down some rather steep steps to a pond where we saw a toad!

Winding Walks

At the viewpoint. Classic me pose – hands in pockets, hat on, looking at stuff. Photo by my mum.


She also took me to Portgordon where you can see seals on the rocks! There were loads there so that was pretty cool. You’re not supposed to get too close in case you scare them into running off before they’ve had a proper rest, but you can still see them quite close. Binoculars would have been good.


We also stopped by Baxters for lunch one day and had a look in their museum. If you like vintage tins and packaging, you will love this – there’s not just Baxters products but all kinds of weird and wonderful things. It’s all laid out as if you’re in a shop with very few things behind glass so you can really have a good look.

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